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Smiling man Dental Extraction

There are many reasons to opt for teeth extractions. It could be due to the growth of a wisdom tooth or because of an infection, etc. Impressive Dental of Los Angeles, CA has what it takes to carry out this procedure safely and delicately.

“Good Service and he was very patient. My first time visit.” — Bonita M. (December 8, 2012)

  • Eat soft food

  • Avoiding the use of straws

  • Taking painkillers

Post-Extraction Dental Care Tips

Financing your teeth extraction procedure is easy, thanks to our in-house, zero credit check financing option.


Additionally, we also honor most

insurance plans and process them for

your convenience.

Easy Dental Care Financing

Extracting a tooth is only the start. To avoid complications, it's important that you properly maintain your teeth and gums. Dr. Kalra can provide you valuable advice, which can help you maintain good dental hygiene.

Get Professional Advice To Avoid Future Problems

Safe and Healthy Teeth Extractions

These are few of the many post operative

care you need to keep in mind after

having your tooth extracted.